April 15, 2008

Lizard Socks

I have actually finished another pair of socks, I'd like to call them Lizard Socks. Really, I am not so sure how I got that idea. But it seems to fit. And now I'm about 10 pairs away from sock independence. Yea!
The yarn I used is Regia 4-faedig, and it was very nice to knit with this. I like their yarns.

It's a shame that I am not making any headway on my cardigan, or the robot, or any of the other non-sock related items on my list. I am stuck in a sock bobble of ideas, but I am actually enjoying myself. Now I just need to achieve some more FO's, and I'll be happy.

On the baby front: my son discovered that the bars in his baby bed are a good way to pull yourself up sitting, and he does demand some serious attention. His newest face gig is shaking his head at all and everything. "Do you like banana?" Grin, munching, shaking the head... "Do you want this new and awesome toy?" Grin, grab, shaking the head...
And he is sleeping through the night. Finally. It only took 8 months...

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Knitman said...

Very interesting pattern dn good colour to boot.

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