January 1, 2008

Socks (Again) To Catch Up More

Then there was the day I discovered the "Macro" setting on my digital camera... No but seriously, I learned how to make decent pictures since I had Elijah, and I plan on taking and posting many which are related to knitting.
Just like the one above that shows the inside of the sock in detail, with the extra on the toes and heels. I like my socks to last. And then there is the picture of the socks in whole, of the details all around and... no, I think that was all.
So here we go:
Picture #1, the large on the to (if you happened to miss it) shows the detail of the toes and heels which I like to make everlasting. I wish... but one can try at least. Picture #2 to the left shows the heel, as these are Toe-Up socks it's a Dutch Heel worked backwards. My favorite. Picture #3 (to the right) shows the sock in it's entire comfy wholesomeness on the "Happy Place" where we change diapers and practice rolling over. And picture #4 is the detail of the toes, turned out pretty good this time.
But still: I did not learn to take notes as of yet. No paper or pen where used, I did (as always) employ the famous "Trial-And-Error" method and was able to succeed. I contemplated to make that oh so important note taking a resolution for this year, but just like giving up silliness it would be a hopeless one.
I moved on to knit a special project for my husband, a helmet. We will see what happens, I won't say more until I have pictures. (Honestly, I really don't know what to say...)
In other news: I told myself to only work on one project at a time, we shall see how long this idea lasts. I am already working on exceptions, such as 'a sock does not count as it fits in my purse kind of'' or 'when the cardigan gets to boring I shall knit a toy' among others. Aye, how predictable.

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