December 28, 2007

Knitted Things Part One And Ramblings

I know, according to the headlines it does sound like I did a lot of knitting, but compared with the time that passed I really didn't... But there are some nice things that I completed, and one of them is this shawl. It is not blocked yet so I don't have a photo of the whole thing, but it is a very nice, very soft triangular shaped cuddle blanket. The yarn I used is from (I seem unable to set a link right now...) and it is especially nice to the touch and was wonderful to knit with. Me and a friend bought some at a Farmers Marked in Edinburgh, she later gifted me her portion and I was able to knit this nice shawl.

Since I have been mentioning my illness several times but never really specified what the problem is I now decided to just tell. I have been sticking my head in the sand long enough and simply know that people will find out anyhow. I just did not like the idea of having the pity, and the insecurity people feel around someone who might not make it. Yes, I might need a heart transplant, my heart is very, very much damaged but the cause is unknown (besides the fact that I had a baby despite congenital heart disease...) and I am being evaluated every 4 weeks, so even though I am not officially "on the list" today I might be on soon. I am trying to be fit enough to enjoy my days as they come, and at the time I am doing pretty good. I get a lot of strong drugs to suppress dangerous arrhythmia's and to keep my heart beating sufficiently, and I need about 14 hours of sleep to cope. But the side effects could be worse and I am dealing well. Hopefully that will be the case for a long time to come, as I plan to be there when Elijah comes home with his first flame. Or decides to play Rugby after all. Or chews on the cigar his dad kept for the first grandchild.

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