May 17, 2007

Sockwars And More...

In 2006 I participated in the Sock Wars, and although I got eliminated pretty fast I did have a great time... Sadly I really doubt my commitment this year, I am not sure but I might just be to pregnant to do anything but eat and sleep. Either way I would not be a worthy contestant, but I highly recommend you looking here and keep updated so you can have fun battling the Sock Wars, enjoy enjoy enjoy...

On another note: I frequent this blog, Wendy Knits! and I noticed a particular nice blue sock that was knitted by her. It's a Summerfield Sock from the Loopy Ewe Sock Club, and it looks very much like my North Sea Sock! It goes to show (again) that we often 'invent' a pattern and end up recreating something that has been there for a long time. By the way: that Sock Club looks very tempting!
Oh, and there is another spot I found that pattern at: I inherited a whole box full of knitting things from my eldest sister, and she had a swatch looking just like that pattern as well, and I did not find it in any of the pattern books I got from her.

On my personal knitting front I am still struggling to finish a pair of socks and I did not allow myself to knit other things to take the edge off. Which slows me down even further, but I am hopeful to move on within the next 48 hours. Very hopeful.
Did I mention hopefulness never got me anywhere in knitting?

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theblondeknitter said...

sockwars eh? it's sounds like it's for the NOT faint-of-heart. i, am a new knitter. socks, are on the 'i'd like to get to that' list. i am betting all i need is a cache of double points and funky colored yarn and i'll be hooked!

i adore the baby pic, feel free to post those ANY time!


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