April 10, 2007

Some Inspiration For The Summer

While my husband is having a blast in Cairo (he is actually working 14 hour days, I should be fair....) he got to visit the area a bit and look at sights and smells. (I would have come with on this business trip, but at 5 1/2 months into this pregnancy that just did not seem a good idea... the flight, the heat, the stomach bugs and the need for naps...)
Besides the obvious places to visit he also thought of me and went to check out the Spice Bazaar. A whole marked dedicated to huge bags and sacks full of the most amazing fresh and crazy spices! I love cooking, and I generally use spice according to how it looks with my meal, and some common sense sometimes. I love all the different flavors and colors, honestly I'm not sure what appeals to me more.
All the descriptions my well worded husband gave me caused me to revisit my stash. It had been neglected for some time now (shame on me!) and it might just have needed some spice. So to speak.
To be totally truthful: you only get to see one of about 100 photos. There is so much amazing stuff he saw and send me pictures of, old mosques, the pyramid's, the papyrus museum among others, street life in Cairo, the desert... But the Spice Bazaar would have been the place with the most amazing colors and impressions to me. As a knitter.

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Amanda1 said...

Wow, amazing. I used to work for a man who imported area rugs from India, and he always had incredible pictures, too.

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