April 18, 2007

Flaming Massage Socks

The socks for my husband are done. It did take me longer than anticipated, but I managed to complete them before he lost all hope. And are they really massage socks? My husband sure hopes so!

For the bottom of the foot I just knitted a row, then purled the next. And even though that does not seem like much it does feel very good walking on them... The idea for the rib is from the book "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch but the rest is just standard knitting. Dutch heel, classic gusset... you name it. I admit I'm not a very brave sock knitter, but I am working to expand my horizon... The yarn is more Yarn Yard Yarn, I am doing the Club thing and hence I have a new skein each month.

Something else: my blog roll is not entirely up to date. There are so many nice blogs I like to look at and read, and I have not updated things in a while. And to be honest: it is a complicated affair as I do discover new blogs all the time and stop reading others once in a while too... So I am debating a new solution, something that will give more people the credit they deserve.


Becky said...

this may be obvious, but does this mean that the bottom of the foot is garter stitch, since it is knitted in the round? Love it!

ChrisKnit said...

Great socks!!!

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