December 18, 2006

Questions to charting and patterns...

My last post before Christmas.... I am so excited to go on Vacation! 7 days with my Mom, best chocolate cake ever to just name one of the perks. Uh, I am so extra excited!

OK, now about the questions. I was asked how I generate the Charts for my Mittens etc. I am actually using a program called "Stitch Motive Maker 3" (look at it here) that my husband in a lovely gesture bought for me after he saw me struggle with excel. I also like graph paper. But I need to clarify that a lot of patterns never see paper until after the project is finished, I will often go back and chart something to have it saved somewhere.

Now about my patterns.... I am designing things myself and I really try to mention any other source (like Folk Shawls for some of the lace patterns I used) and I am just now starting to put some of them into a format that could be user friendly for those who do not know and could not know my shorthand-symbol-secret-thought-speech. So I have to think about that a little more, get better organized but that won't happen until after the New Year.

And: you can e-mail me at knittianaATgmailDOTcom. I will answer any question but until January 1st you might get an "on vacation" reply...

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!!!

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