November 19, 2006

Work in Progress

Since I have so many "Progress" Bars up I decided to show some of my work in progress. The big picture shows a) a finished mitten on top, b) a hat that is currently being lined and c) below the hat is the second mitten to be lined. This will take me a while...
See the small picture for an example of how I lined the finished mitten. With use and wear this will become a felted mush of warm comfy coziness. And since it is getting very cold out there it is about time for me to finish this project! I do not yet own a hat or mittens for this year, all I have are the ones not done yet... My Mom's would tell me off and ask me to better cover those ears if they where to read this blog.
Somewhere to the left is my trusty freezer bag full of project related stuff and the beginning of the matching short scarf that is barely started. I do have a lot of other projects that I need to get going, but fortunately I am not under too much time constraint anymore and can (somewhat) choose to prioritize. But there is sooooo much I want to do, the list just never ends! This weekend I bought some locally produced Alpaca Yarn, just enough for a beautiful small/medium lace shawl... I can't wait.

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