November 11, 2006

The Mittens! Tadaaaa!

So here we have the pictures of the finished "Amoeba" mittens (as my Husband likes to call them) and I do apologize for the picture quality.
When I was done knitting them and proudly put them on for the first time I had only one thought. "They would be perfect for... Darn. And she really needs some gloves on top of that." So I did the right thing and gave them to the person they where subconsciously designed for. She loves them. And I am happy to be giving away all my knitting. I will make the year 2007 the "Selfish" year. Or try at least... But then Christmas is coming up and I am still working on other peoples things that I fear might not be completed by the end of this year. I guess knitting for others just is very rewarding and fun. But so is knitting for my wardrobe too! Working on this project emphasized the effectiveness of traditional methods. It actually was not as tedious as expected and it gave me great joy. I see myself making more like this. No more Amoebas, though. Maybe something square or circles next time. I am also planning on using more colors, not all at once (shiver!) but to alternate different shades to see the effect that might create.

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yarner said...

They look fabulous - such complex patterns I'm surprised you can bear to give them away!

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